We’ve Moved.

That’s right, the mortgage blog is moving over to a new URL, http://themortgageblog.wordpress.com.

Please be sure to re-bookmark the home page and re-subscribe to the RSS feed so that you don’t miss out.  It’s a different web address, with a slightly different look . . . a few more contributors (among other things), but the same honest, professional, sometimes humorous, mortgage advice that you’ve come to enjoy.

This isn’t my last blog post, but it is my last post here.  And, you’ll be glad to know that this isn’t my last bad blog ending (usually song-lyric type ending), with so many to choose from, it was tough.  But this one seemed fitting . . .


 “Don’t come around here no more . . . “

And, not only is “the mortgage blog” changing URL’s, but I am moving to a new (new to me) company. 

Read all about the company change, get my new contact information and find out all the details involving the move to Dunwoody Mortgage Services at http://themortgageblog.wordpress.com.


Jeffrey Pinkerton is a Mortgage Consultant and NOW with Dunwoody Mortgage Services and writer for “the Mortgage Blog.”  For more information about available programs and interest rates, please visit www.dunwoodymortgage.net


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